"No worries, bro."
— Max's life motto.

Max Asher


Full Name
Maxwell Asher
May 5, 1999 (age 18)
Yogurt Yeti Employee (Nose Butter Brain Freeze)
Blizzard Springs
Family & Friends
Mr. Asher (father)
Mrs. Asher (mother)
Ozzy Asher (cousin)
Shred Ackerman
Howie Finch
First appearance
Last appearance
Portrayed by

Maxwell "Max" Asher is a main character in Max & Shred.

He's portrayed by Jonny Gray.


Max is a super talented snowboarder that's even cooler than the slopes he shreds. He's an up-and-coming celebrity whose life motto is, 'No worries, bro.' He's adventurous, outgoing and all around charming. But, once an only child, Max is now totally stoked to have found a new best friend and bro in Alvin. Max does not care as much about education as Shred, and he is more the chill/relaxed type of guy. He is the cool dude at Blizzard Springs High and the majority of people who get to know him think he's a nice, cool, and funny dude. He's also popular with the girls and people respect him wherever he goes. This is because of his chill persona and the fact that he's a famous snowboarder.


He is known for wearing his signature skater/high top black shoes, has a snowboarding vest on (each day a different color according to the checked shirt he's wearing), and a different colored check shirt. He also wears a beanie most of the time, but not all the time. He also wears black jeans or snowboarding gear. He's best known for his "awesome hair" and his "handsome good looks."

Relationships With Other Characters

Shred Ackerman

Alvin is Max's best friend and roommate. He calls Alvin "Shred" after he snowboarded once down the mountains like a shredder. He is Max's best friend/bro. He considers Shred and the other Ackermans his family since he feels like they're family.

Howie Finch

When Howie and Max first meet she automatically shows her affection. Max seems to be very surprised the way she acted when she sees him. Later on, they bond a friendship and become great friends. he calls her his little Brosephine.


  • He invented "Woggles," a wig with goggles.
  • In "The Switch Jolly Mambo Varial", Diane addresses Max as Maxwell, so it is possible that Max is his nickname and Maxwell is his full name, but this has not been confirmed.
  • His dad has never been mentioned in the show and never made an appearance in the show.